Smith, Owen

Owen Smith or Eugene "Owen" Smith1,2,3,4 appears in lists of early settlers in the references section under the Library tab.


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Owen Smith of Fredericton and Mary Pierce of Woodstock were married on December 14, 1844 in Woodstock, NB. They moved to Cork. 


  1. John Smith (1845 – 1876) He was killed when he was on the way to California.
  2. Patrick Smith (1847 – 1913) He died in Edison, Washington. His wife was Catherine Sullivan from Cork, NB.
  3. Owen Smith (1848 – 1911) He died in Arcata, Humboldt, California. His wife was Ellen McGrath from Fredericton.
  4. James Smith (1850 – 1927) He died in Alameda, California. His wife was Mary Elizabeth Monohan from San Francisco, CA.
  5. Robert Smith (1852 – 1919) He died in San Francisco, CA. He used to live in Arcata, California. His wife was Mary Grace McGowan from Maine/NB.
  6. Maurice Smith (1854 – 1887)
  7. Mary Ann (1856 – 1891)- She married John Sullivan (first husband). Her second husband was William Murphy. She died early in Cork, NB.
  8. Thomas Ambrose Smith (G Grandfather) (1860 – 1945) He died in Fredericton, NB. His wife was Angeline Rosella Chessie (daughter of Sam Chessie and Nancy Goodine).

Owen and Mary were buried in Cork Cemetery, Cork, NB.

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