Scanlin, David

David Scanlin1,2,3,4,5 appears in lists of early settlers in the references section under the Library tab.  He was a native of Skibareen, Cork, Ireland.


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In the documents you show on the website it mentions that there are four in the household of David. They would be: David, son James, daughter Catherine, and daughter Margaret. The 1861 Census of Manner-Sutton Parish (Div. 1), York County, NB reads:

David, Head, 70, Irish
James, Son, 26, Irish
Catherine, Dau, 20, Irish

William, G/s, 06, Nat

The 1871 Census of Kingsclear Parish, York County, NB reads:

Dual, 45, NB
Catherine, 32, Ir
Archange, 7, NB
Margaret, 6, NB
Mary, 5, NB
Agnes, 4, NB
Ellen, 3, NB
Catherine, 2, NB

William, 15, Nat
Mary, 13, Nat

David, 80, Ir [Widower]

James, 27, NB [Scotch origin]
Mary, 31, Eng

The Mary Blake here may in fact be Mary Ann Blake who married Cornelius McGillicuddy, especially because Dual Chessy and Margaret Chessy were witnesses to the marriage. Family history has it that Mary Ann and William Blake’s mother died young and Susan Catherine Scanlon took care of them.

Susan Catherine (Scanlon) Chessie was born Dec. 1836 in Skibareen, Cork, Ireland. She died 28 FEB 1922 Yoho Lake, York, NB. She was married 21 Oct 1862 St. Dunstan’s, York, NB. Susan Scanlon’s father was David Scanlon,
granted Lots 34e and 34w in the Cork Settlement. David had a son James Scanlon (age 26, 1861, Irish) who was listed with him and David’s daughter (Susan) Catherine in the 1861 Census.

The McGillicuddys and Scanlons and Chessies are Catholic.

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