The following historical documents are keyed to each settler’s name in the Settler’s section, thereby allowing the visitor to easily discern the source(s) in which each settler’s name appears. Note that variations in spelling occurred frequently.  

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1.  Report of L. A. Wilmot, 2 November 1842, “Return of Crop, Teetotal Settlement, 1842,” British Parliamentary Papers, Colonies Canada (1970), 16, p. 152 and p. 153.

2. Journal of the House of Assembly of New Brunswick from the First day of February to the thirteenth day of April 1843 [published in 1844], John Simpson publisher, cover, p. 143, xcvi, xcvii, lxvii, and lxviii.

2a. House of Commons, Vol. 38, Accounts and Papers (9), 1 Feb to 1 Aug 1849, Parliament, Great Britain, cover page, pp. 25-26.  NOTE:  Same information presented as in Reference 2 above.

2b. House of Commons, Vol. 39, Accounts and Papers (6), 19 Jan to 23 July 1847, Parliament, Great Britain, cover page, Further Papers on Emigration cover page, and pp. 26-27. NOTE:  Same information presented as in Reference 2 above.

3.  Beckwith Maxwell, Lilian M (1937). An Outline of the History of New Brunswick to the time of Confederation, p. 155. [NOTE:  This page refers to The Royal Gazette, August 13, 1847 from Governor Sir Wm. Colebrooke to Earl Grey.]

4. Sir W. M. G. Colebrooke to Earl Grey, “Copy of a Dispatch, No. 75, published in the Royal Gazette [Supplementary] of Aug. 26th, 1847, No. 306, pp. 3453-3457 of which pp. 3453, and pp. 3456, and 3457 deal with Cork Settlement. NOTE: Page 3456 and 3457 are an enclosure from Thos. Baillie to Sir W. M. G. Colebrooke dated 12th. Aug. 1847. Scroll down to the end of the source to read the tables showing settlers’ names.

4a. Papers Relative to Emigration to the British Provinces in North America and to the Australian Colonies, 1847, cover pages and pp. 95, 96, 97, 100, and 101. In The House of Lords Sessional Papers, 1847-48, Volume XIII Accounts and Papers. NOTE: This is the same information as the source above except there is more detail under the “Observation” column pertaining to whether the settler had a bond from another settler. This source will be uploaded in the near future.

5. Crown Land Office, New Brunswick, “RS 108, Land Petitions: Original Series, 1783-1918, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB), F4255, pp. 1372-1375.

6. House of Commons, Vol. 31, Accounts and Papers (6), 3 February to 12 August 1842, Parliament, Great Britain, cover page, pp. 320-325, 334-340. This page will be uploaded in the near future.