I began researching my Kennedy and Coholan Irish ancestors over 30 years ago.  I started with only the information my father could tell me — the names of his great grandparents, Martin Kennedy and Mary Coholan, and that they were from New Brunswick.

I was fortunate to have known my grandfather, Anthony W. Kennedy who was born about 1868 in New Brunswick.  He is pictured here in one of his cars overlooking Chuckanut Bay outside of Bellingham, Washington.  

His father, Martin Kennedy was born about 1830-1833 in Ireland and is shown in his Civil War uniform. His wife was Mary Coholan.

Gradually, I learned that Martin Kennedy’s parents were Anthony Kennedy and Mary Houston and that Mary Coholan’s parents were Jeremiah Coholan and Joanna Connors — all of whom were early settlers of Cork or Teetotal Settlement.  Hence, my journey through libraries and extensive genealogical and DNA research led me to discover the ancestral home of my Kennedy clan in Dooyork, county Mayo, Ireland.  My family tree now has over 9800 folks.  I had the good fortune to visit my “Kennedy cousins” who now live at Cross Lake, Belmullet, Mayo, Ireland. 

My journey has prepared me to help others connect with their Irish roots.  So, if you have an ancestor who was a Cork Settler, please let me know.  Maybe you can go home again too?

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